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Teresa Collins is . . . one of the most inspired evolutionary woman on the planet. Her ability to give people the new world story and then to apply it at the deepest levels of our own growth is among the best I have ever encountered. She is precious and a major figure and pioneer in humanity's effort to evolve. - Barbara Marx Hubbard

Teresa Collins is . . . an immensely powerful and inspiring woman with a gift for empowering people, connecting communities and crafting compelling narratives from across a wide range of complex ideas. Whenever she speaks, you can tell it comes from the heart. An incredible role model for these unprecedented times. - Joanna Kelly

Teresa Collins is . . . a super woman of authenticity and love . . . an organizer extraordinaire . . .a beacon of light and true inspiration! - Hope Fitzgerald

Teresa Collins is . . . one of the steadiest souls on the planet. I feel I can rely on her to be in full integrity and full capacity for keeping the vibes in gracious alignment. - Marien Grace

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